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Large quantities bedding and bedroom textiles for Department stores

Sleepytime will offer the best arrangements in large quantities bedding and bedroom textiles for leading department stores in Sri Lanka. Sleepytime product ranges consist with everything which ensures our customers have a comfortable night’s sleep. For those who operate a guesthouse, bed and breakfast establishment or perhaps are in charge of a residential home, able to rely on Sleepytime for bedding solutions in Sri Lanka.

Sleepytime bedding solutions include linen, duvets, quilts and pillows are available for department stores, supermarkets and wholesalers in Sri Lanka. Sheets, blankets and duvets are made from cotton, linen or a fibre blend in plain and patterned designs. Pillows are also made in several sizes and shapes and are filled with materials such as polyester, latex and feathers producing a soft, medium or firm profile.

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